in the PGS Group

Ananth receives the Windt Graduate Student Travel Award 2022! He will be presenting his work at the MRS Spring 2022 Conference.

Chris’s review article on many-body dynamics in quantum dots is published in Chemical Reviews! 

Xin and Matt’s paper highlighted as a “breakthrough for infrared camera technology”

Xin and Matt devised a detector using quantum dots tuned to detect different parts of the infrared spectrum, allowing dual-band infrared imaging. You can read more about it in this UChicago News article, and the technical paper was published in Nature Photonics.

Menglu receives the Yodh Prize

Congratulations to Menglu! She has been awarded the Yodh Prize for outstanding graduate work in experimental physics.

Matt receives rhe Elizabeth R. Norton Prize

Congratulations to Matt! He has received the Elizabeth R. Norton Prize for excellence in chemistry research.